The Net LGBTQI+ Barometer: How to complete or save your questionnaire

The survey takes between 20 and 50 minutes to complete in the form of a series of screens asking on average one to three sets of questions. We recommend completing the survey in one sitting.

The questionnaire is dynamic and will ask or not questions depending on your answers. In that regard it could be possible for you to complete only 40 of the 60 screens in order to finish the survey.

If some screens of the questionnaire are not completed correctly, the screen number is displayed in RED in the status bar. By clicking on this number, you return to the incomplete screen where the answer that has been ignored or mistyped will be clearly indicated all you have to do then is complete / correct the answer before continuing.

If you lack the time, we remind you that the questionnaire can be saved for later completion: in fact, a link (URL) consisting of a large number of letters and numbers can be dragged on your desktop or copied as a bookmark. Thus, you can resume at any time by using said link. For confidentiality, we advise you hide that link in order to prevent anyone else to use the link and see what you have answered and once the questionnaire has been completed, we strongly suggest deleting this link from your computer.

If you encounter difficulties, please contact us by clicking here