The Net LGBTQI+ Baromètre: ethic considerations

The overall objective of this questionnaire, promotionned on LGBTQ+ community and on various online LGBT+ dating websites or social networks, is to deepen the knowledge about the sociosexual uses of the Internet and evaluate its impact on preventive sexual behavior in gay and bisexual population.

The survey was favorably reviewed bt the ethics committee at INSERM. This survey is anonymous, does not record your IP address and aggregated data will not in any way identify you.

For some of you, especially among the youngest, some questions may cause some discomfort, uncertainty, or even negative reactions. A hotline is available at the end of the study, making it possible to obtain immediate support. The feedback related to your participation will allow associations and stakeholders to better adapt their practices to the needs of the most vulnerable groups and younger participants.

We remind you that :

  • You can withdraw at any time from this study without giving any reason and with no consequences. In other words, you can quit the survey whenever you want.
  • Participation in this research can give you the opportunity to look back on your life experience. You will also be contributing to improve knowledge on sexual health in relation to the new perspectives made possible with the new sociosexual uses of Internet this knowledge will allow sexologists and other professionals to better understand your needs and to adapt their interventions.
  • Aside from the inconvenience to grant a limited time to this questionnaire or to possible interviews, there is no direct risk to participate in this study, which is part of a supervised work as part of an academic research. The risks of harm and discomfort are limited to being embarrassed to discuss sexual topics. Some questions may however trigger the memory of painful events. In this case you can always contact our team by email which will direct you to resources available for gay, bisexual or transgendered people, in France.
  • In addition, we guarantee the anonymity of your participation and the confidentiality of the information provided. This database will be physically kept anonymous and for two years, after which it will be destroyed. The data is stored on secure servers at the CNRS. It does not contain your IP address and we do not generate cookies on your computer.

This research is performed by the NCSR represented by Alain Léobon, researcher at the Research Unit ESO "Espace et Société" from CNRS.Any inquiries may be addressed to Alain Léobon (