The NGB 2022 questions lifestyles, prevention & health of people of sexual and gender diversity with regard to COVID-19.

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the 2022 version of the Net Gay Baromètre, a survey on Internet uses, sexuality and prevention aimed at men (cis and trans) who have sex with men (cis and trans) or with trans women, and any other person from sexual and gender diversity.

This LGBTQ+ 2022 edition of the Barometer seeks to measure the impact of COVID-19 on many subjects usually questioned by our study, such as the uses of social networks, online dating, partnered life, relationships with casual partners, as well as prevention is managed in a pandemic context. Our survey therefore questions your lifestyles, proximity or distance maintained with the LGBTQ+ community, and also tackles subjects that are sometimes considered taboo, such as the practice of barebacking, the consumption of psychoactive substances, the way in which paid sex occurs in relationships, while seeking to better understand sexual risk reduction strategies, knowledge, interest and/or adoption of biomedical approaches to HIV prevention.

Health is therefore at the heart of this study, but is now more comprehensively addressed, whether in terms of physical, sexual or relationship health. The Barometer also addresses the feeling of multiple discrimination that can affect everyone depending on their life course, their origins, their gender.

We therefore hope that this survey will fascinate you by presenting itself as a true opportunity of looking back on oneself and on one’s recent experience with regard to COVID-19.