Le Net Gay Baromètre 2013-2014

The Net Gay Barometer: beyond the team, committed partners ...

This survey was conducted as part of a collaboration between three laboratories engaged in research on lifestyles, sexuality and health of men who have sex with Men (MSM). It is distributed in France and Canada and is translated in three languages.

In France, many websites got graciously involved in the distribution and promotion of the survey. Indeed, these publishers want to help research teams, often poorly funded, and can rightfully be considered as actors involved in the fight against HIV-AIDS in the same way as are other commercial establishments.

Partner sites are diversified in an attempt to be representative of the diversity of MSM populations. Recruitment through general gay websites (Citegay.fr, Gayromeo.com, Gayvox.fr, Gboy.com, Gaybak.fr, Mes-Dialogues.net), et meegay.fr, des sites spécialisés (Bearwww.com, Smboy.fr, Gayrrier.com, Bbackzone.com) and social networks (Facebook, Skyrock), not to mention advertisements placed on the Google Network.

To get some banners and other promotional materials, call +1 514 999 8910 and leave a message to Alain Léobon.