Le Net Gay Baromètre 2013-2014

The Net Gay Barometer: The collective research

Our research team was formed from the partnership between the National Center for Scientific Research (NCSR), the Institute for Public Health and the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). The editor of the questionnaire is the University of Quebec in Montreal, hosting the survey. Its design and implementation are the responsibility of the NCSR, supported by the association Com'on west which funds programming and promotion, since no public financing support was available.

The principal Researchers

  • Alain LéobonPhD in information science and environmental psychology, Researcher at NCSR, Associate Professor, Research Chair in Health Education from the University of Quebec at Montreal
  • Annie VelterSocio-demographer, Department of Infectious Diseases Unit HIV-AIDS-STD, Health Monitoring Institute
  • Joanne OtisProfessor, Department of Sexology and holds the Canada Research Chair in Health Education (UQAM)